AC and heating repair for your vehicle

Having problems with your Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system? Don’t sweat it! The pros at Thru-Way Autoglass are ASE Certified in air-conditioning and electronics, which means they are here (and highly qualified) to help! Whether it’s refrigerant leak, dirty filters, or a faulty compressor, fan, condenser or evaporator, we have the experience and know-how to get you back on the road feeling cool and comfortable again.

More than just comfort

On a hot summer day, travel in your vehicle can be pretty uncomfortable without AC. If you can somehow bear the oppressive, sticky, sweaty heat, driving with your windows down means contending with wind, unpleasant scents, as well as putting increased strain and drag on your vehicle. With the air conditioning on, you can keep the windows closed for optimal air-resistance and enjoy a quiet, cool drive. Conditioned air is also filtered, reducing the pollutants you’re breathing in. Furthermore, air conditioning produces dehumidified air that quickly defogs your windows, which is quite handy in both summer and winter.

Why Choose Thru-Way Autoglass?

We are experts in installing and maintaining air conditioning in all vehicles, from cars and trucks to semis and recreational vehicles. We are even experts in motor home dash air conditioning units. Do you have an older vehicle that didn’t come with AC? We can install air conditioning in most vehicles, even if they didn’t come with it installed. We can even fabricate and repair existing air conditioning lines. Worried we might not be able to work on your particular vehicle? Stay cool; we’re experts at finding oddball air conditioning parts. No matter the make, model, or type of vehicle, you can rely on Thru-Way Autoglass to keep your vehicle at the pinnacle of comfort.

Trust Thru-Way Autoglass to keep your AC and heating system in great working condition!